About Lauren Chivee

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A writer, researcher and thought leader on diversity and women’s issues-in the workplace, in politics and in between, Lauren’s book Crossing The Thinnest Line (Hachette, Sept 2016) argues diversity is THE most under-leveraged economic asset in the United States. She has co-authored a long list of research studies from global think tank Center for Talent Innovation, where she served as President, and her opinion pieces have been featured in the Harvard Business Review, NY Post, Refinery29, The Hill, The Huffington Post and Inc.

Lauren Chivee


Lauren’s nonprofit All in Together (AIT), equips voting-age American women with action oriented, nonpartisan civic education to realize their full potential as leaders shaping our nation.Lauren co-founded AIT in 2014 and has been CEO since its inception.

In that time, AIT has reached over 10,000 women across America, inspiring them to take action and lead on the issues that matter most to them. Lauren has also been an advocate and voice for change on a range of women’s issues including workplace harassment, family leave, workplace equity and equal pay.

In 2018 Lauren was chosen as a Presidential Leadership Scholar.


In addition to her writing and non-profit work, Lauren has worked for more than 10 years as an advisor to a wide range of Fortune 100 companies on issues of diversity, leadership, innovation and workplace culture. Lauren is currently a Senior Advisor to Oliver Wyman and has worked at Deloitte, Booz & Company and led her own boutique advisory firm.